New Book Arrivals, May 2016

Still trying to figure out what I’d like to post here, but a fun and infrequent series might be “New Book Arrivals” to brag about my recent purchases. 

I’m really excited about all these books, for different reasons. Saltwater Frontier won the Bancroft, and I have a goal of reading all books that reach that designation. Nick Guyatt, who wrote Bind Us Apart, was hired at Cambridge just as I was leaving; his book on Providentialism is one of my favorites, and his new book covers a very important topic. Like many interested in American intellectual history, I’ve long-awaited Kloppenberg’s time on democracy, and the 200 pages or so I’ve read thus far have been great. And Wilentz is always smart and provocative, even if I don’t always agree with him. (I concur with the main gist of this review, save the unfair swipes in the first two paragraphs.)  

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