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Mormons and the Boy Scouts: Heading Down Different Trails,” Religion News Service (October 17, 2017). (Also published with Salt Lake Tribune.)

How Funding for the Humanities Helps Public College Students Become Better Texans,” Dallas Morning News (August 3, 2017).

“Mormons Only Need to Look to their Diverse Past for Help,” Newsweek (April 22, 2017).

The Democratic Lineage of Trump’s Ethnic Nationalism,” Starting Points (April 13, 2017).

“Where is the Mormon Church on Trump? History Demands their Leadership,” Washington Post (January 28, 2017).

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Will Usher In the Trump Era,” Religion Dispatches (January 2017).

The Mormon Council of Fifty: What Joseph Smith’s Secret Records Reveal,” Religion and Politics (September 2016).

Theodore Parker and America’s Religious Nativism,” Christian Century (June 2016).

Gay Mormons, Reparative Therapy, and the Safe Spaces of Conservative Religion,” Religion News Service (May 2016).

Why Utah Felt the Bern: Mormonism’s Forgotten Progressive Past,” Religion Dispatches (March 2016).

Ammon Bundy and the Paradoxes of Mormon Political Theologies,” Religion & Politics (January 2016).

Kim Davis and the Anxieties of Christian America,” Religion & Politics (September 2015).

How Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church Triggered White Southern Militarism,” Talking Points Memo (June 2015).

Mormon Polygamy, Sex, and America’s Contested Tradition of Religion and Domesticity,” Christian Century (November 2014).

North Carolina’s ‘Official Religion’: The Convoluted History of American States and Established Religions,” Religion & Politics (April 2013).

Why Do Mormons Love the Fourth of July So Much?” Religion & Politics (July 2012).

Mormon Patriotism and the Cultural Reading of Scripture,” Peculiar People (May 2012).

Mitt Romney, Mormonism, and the Tensions of an ‘American’ Religion,” Peculiar People (March 2012).

The Perils of an Open Canon,” Patheos (March 2012).

‘Obviously’ Christian: The American Tradition of Using Orthodoxy as a Bludgeon,” Patheos (July 2011).

Art, Politics, and Religion: McNaughton’s Agenda,” Patheos (May 2011).

Media Interviews

Plat of Zion,” 99% Invisible (December 2016).

The Second Performer for the Trump Inauguration Is…The Mormon Tabernacle Choir,” Newsweek (December 2016).

The New Mormon Mission (Against Trump),” Slate (October 2016).

Viaje a Utah, La Teirra Mormona Que Se Rebela Contra Donald Trump,” Univision (October 2016).

Seer Stones,” RadioWest, NPR Affiliate (August 2015).

Mormon Momentum,” The New Humanist (July 2012).

The Mormon Moment is Now,” Washington Post (April 2012).

Art, Politics, and the Paintings of Jon McNaughton,” RadioWest, NPR Affiliate (March 2012)

Columns and Blogs

Professor Park’s Blog: 2016-. Personal blog focused on history, historiography, and pedagogy.

The Junto: founder and contributor, 2012-. Blog focused on early American history, historiography, methodology, and pedagogy.

Peculiar People: co-founder and contributor, 2012-2015. Bi-weekly column, split between seventeen contributors, focused on religion and the public sphere.

Juvenile Instructor: co-founder and contributor, 2007-. Blog focused on Mormon history and historiography.