Invited Talks

“The Theological Problem of Slavery: The Transcendentalists’ European Answers to America’s Democratic Questions,” Rothermere American Institute’s Seminar in Constitutional Thought and History, Oxford University, 2016.

“The Angel of Nullification: Memoirs of a Nullifier and the Politics of Cultural Belonging in Antebellum America,” Auburn University, AL, 2016.

“Spiritualizing Democracy: Theodore Parker’s Abolitionism and the Critique of Secular Politics in Antebellum America,” Alabama Seminar on Early America, University of Alabama, 2016.

“Nationalism Beyond the Nation-State: American Conceptions of Political Belonging in the Age of Democratic Revolutions,” Kinder Forum American History Colloquium, Columbia, MO, 2014.

“Nationalism Contested: The Nullification Crisis and the Fracturing of National Interests,” British Association for Nineteenth Century History Workshop, University College of London, London, UK, 2014.

“Grounding Nationalism: The America(s) of Benjamin Rush, Noah Webster, and Pierce Butler,” American Political History Institute, Boston University, Boston, MA, 2013.

“The Theology of Citizenship: Preachers and the Cultivation of Nationalism in Early America,” Brown Bag Lecture Series, Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, MA, 2012.

“Reading the Transcendentalists,” Springville Public Library, UT, 2012.


Selected Conference Papers

“The Redemption of a Nation: Religious Conceptions of Union in the Atlantic World in the Age of Revolutions,” American Historical Association, Denver, CO, 2017.

“The Theology of Democracy: Theodore Parker’s Transcendentalist Critique of America’s Political Tradition,” American Society of Church History, Denver, CO, 2017.

“The Digital Spaces of Early American Thought,” Society for United States Intellectual History, Palo Alto, CA, 2016.

“The Transcendentalist Challenge to Democratic Theory,” Shawnee Trail Conference on American Politics and Constitutionalism, Columbia, MO, 2016.

“Kings and Queens of the Kingdom: Gendering the Mormon Theological Narrative,” Beyond Biography: Sources in Context for Mormon Women’s History, Provo, UT, 2016.

“The Political Remains of Eden: The Possibilities of Mormon Female Theology in Territorial Utah,” Northwest Regional American Academy of Religion, Portland, OR, 2015.

“The Gendered Politics of Mormon Identity: Two Nineteenth-Century Examples,” Claremont Mormon Studies Annual Conference, Claremont, CA, 2015.

“George Ripley’s Species of Foreign Standard Literature and the Geopolitics of Cultural Authority,” Society for United States Intellectual History, Indianapolis, IN, 2014.

“The Bonds of Union: Benjamin Rush and the Balance of Regional and Local Allegiances,” The Republics of Benjamin Rush, McNeil Center for Early American Studies, Dickinson College, PA, 2014.

“Preaching Nationalism in the Early Republic: Thanksgiving Sermons and the Local Appropriation of Nationalism in New England,” Society for United States Intellectual History, UC-Irvine, CA, 2013.

“The Age of Christianities: Thomas Paine’s Deism, America’s Identities, and the Fracturing of Political Theologies in the Newly United States,” Citizen of the World: The Use and Abuse of Thomas Paine c.1809-2009, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, 2013.

“The Government of God and the Politics of Man: Edward Tullidge and Mormonism’s Political Theologies,” Conference on Faith and History, Gordon College, MA, 2012.

“Native Muses and Exotic Others: Playwrights, Popular Novelists, and Depicting the Foreign in Early America,” James L. and Shirley A. Draper Graduate Student Conference in Early American Studies, University of Connecticut and American Antiquarian Society, 2011.

“On Mormon Thought and its Context(s): Joseph Smith, Thomas Dick, and Determining Intellectual Influence,” Mormonism in Cultural Contexts: A Symposium in Honor of Richard Bushman, Provo, UT, 2011.

“Contesting Reason, Constricting Boundaries: Transatlantic Responses to Thomas Paine’s Age of Reason and the Battle for an American Identity,” British Association for American Studies Postgraduate Conference, University of Oxford, 2010.

“German Theology Comes to Boston: George Bancroft, Frederic Hedge, and the Politics of Foreign Ideology in Antebellum Boston,” Scottish Association for the Study of America, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2010.

“Embracing Europe, Rejecting Europe: German Theology and American Thought in Antebellum Boston,” Old Scottish Universities’ Ecclesiastical History Conference, Perth, Scotland, 2010.

“‘I Object to the Names Deism and Infidelity’: Theodore Parker and the Boundaries of Christianity in Antebellum America,” United States Intellectual History Conference, New York, NY, 2009.

“‘I Preach Abundant Heresies’: Theodore Parker and Conversion to Liberal Religion in Antebellum America,” Southwestern Historical Association Annual Meeting, Denver, CO, 2009.

“‘The First Great American Infidel’: Memorializing Theodore Parker,” Identity, Boundaries, and Movement, Florida State University, 2009.


Invited Public Panels

“The Spirit of Dialogue: Celebrating Fifty Years of Mormon Scholarship and Culture,” Orem, UT (September 2016).

“Faith, Reason, and the Critical Study of Mormon Apologetics,” Utah Valley University (November 2015).